Uses for Pavia Natural Wound Care Cream

Pavia Natural Wound Care Cream can be used on both animals and people. It contains the natural antibiotic propolis. It kills bacteria as well as speeds healing by stimulating the growth of collagen. Some uses for pets include treatment for sores, wounds, hot spots, lick granulomas, incisions, and ear infections. If treating pets for ear infections, clean the ear with ear cleaning solution first, then put 2 drops into the ear canal daily for 2-3 weeks. It is recommended that you get a diagnosis from your veterinarian first so you know what kind of infection you are dealing with. Do NOT use to treat ear infections in people as it has not been tested for that use.

For people some uses for Pavia Natural Wound Care Cream are healing cuts, sores, abrasions, burns, sunburn, bed sores, and cracked skin.

What to do about chickens pecking other chickens

A customer told me about a new use for Pavia Power Pads: Her veterinarians recommended Pavia Power Pads as a solution for her chickens pecking other chickens rear ends because the oregeno smell would discourage pecking and the propolis would promote healing. It worked! Feathers grew back! Great product for those who raise chickens.